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SiS is the leading company in sport nutrition

The history of SiS sportnutrition

Science in Sport, was founded in 1992 and is a leading company in endurance sport nutrition based in London, while its manufacturing facility is based in Nelson, United Kingdom. Sis produces sports supplements for professional athletes and sports enthusiasts for endurance sports such as cycling, running, gym, football and triathlon. SiS is used by the best professional athletes, including olympic champions. For example, in the 2016 Rio Olympics, 34 medal-winning athletes or teams used SiS products (compared with 24 in 2012).

Ben Swift from Team Sky takes SiS Hydro
(Ben Swift from Team Sky takes SiS Hydro)

SiS is currently the official sports nutrition supplier to Team Ineos, Team Wiggins, Katarina Johnson-Thompson, GB Rowing and Spartan Race. SiS are also currently the official supplier of sports drinks and sports nutrition to the GB Rowing Team. In addition, Britain's greatest ever Olympian Sir Chris Hoy is an official brand ambassador.

SiS is committed to test products until they are perfect using the best ingredients you can find on the market. Their products are safe for the athletes and are validated by a World Class sports doping control laboratory, LGC Sports Science.

The ex-Team Sky, now Team Ineos, is sponsored by SiS
(The ex-Team Sky, now Team Ineos, is sponsored by SiS)

The SiS core product assortment includes: SiS GO, created to provide energy for the best performances, which includes energy powders, isotonic gels, energy bars and shots; SiS REGO, including protein-based recovery powders; SiS Protein, products specifically designed to contribute to athletes’ lean muscle mass growth and maintenance; SiS Supplements, comprising BCAA Perform, Creatine, Beta Alanine and L Glutamine; SiS Athlete Health, vitamins and supplements range designed to support and maintain immune function, digestive health and bone health.


The Energy products’ goal is to fuel you before and during a training or an event. They come in different formats such as gels, pills, bars and dissolvable powders all available in tasty flavours in order to suit every athlete’s need. The energy products includes Go Isotonic Energy Gels, Go caffeine Gels, Go Energy Bars, Go Energy Powders, Go Caffeine Shot, Go Energy Caffeine Bars and Beta Fuel. The Go Isotonic Energy Gels have been designed to ensure fast and easy digestion without the use of any fluids, our GO Isotonic Energy Gels provide exactly what is required for any endurance or high-intensity exercise. The available flavours are chocolate, lemon, orange, berry + caffeine, espresso + caffeine and mixed flavours.

SiS Go Energy Gel flavours
(SiS Go Energy Gel flavours)

SIS Go Energy Gel Apple
(SiS Go Energy Gel Apple)


Hydration is fundamental during physical activity, SiS Hydro products are very easy and fast to use whenever you would need them. The hydration range consist of Hydration Tablets, Hydro + Caffeine tablets, Go Electrolyte Gel, Go Electrolyte Powders and Immune Tablets. SiS Hydro Tablets are effervescent tablets (lemon, pineapple and mango and berry) that you can simply put in your water bottle for extra hydration without the calories.


The Recovery line consist of only one product available in different formats: the REGO Rapid Recovery, a complete recovery product to be taken immediately after physical exercise. The REGO Rapid Recovery consists of a mix of carbohydrates, proteines, vitamins and minerals, everything you need to ensure quick and effective recovery after prolonged exercise, helping you get back on the bike sooner. It is available is different flavours such as banana, strawberry, chocolate and vanilla.


Protein to rebuild muscle tissue after intense and prolonged exercise are necessary for every kind of cyclist, both professional or amateur. The SiS Recovery range includes Whey Protein Tubs, Protein Bars, WHEY20, Advanced Isolate and Overnight Protein.


The Supplement line is the new entry among the SiS range: it features innovative products purposely designed to fuel your performances. The line currently includes BCAAs, L-Glutamine, Creatine and Beta Alanine in flavoured & unflavoured options.


GO-Isotonic-Energy-Gel-lemon-lime-SiS GO-Energy-+-Caffeine-Gel-Double-Espresso-30x60ml-SiS GO-Isotonic-Energy-Gel-Box-20-x-60ml-SiS GO-Hydro-Berry-8-pack-SiS

Whether you are a professional athlete or an amateur, SiS sport products will help you to reach the top of your game. Discover now our offer SiS products easily online.