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Selle SMP are comfort and healthy bike saddles

Selle SMP saddles with a healthy history

Founded in 1947 in Padua by Martino Schiavon Padova, Selle SMP has been producing high quality bicycle saddles. Selle SMP are specialized in Racing, Triathlon and Tourism cycling featuring innovative technologies combined with the pioneers experience made in Italy saddles.

Selle SMP Valcar PMB Cycling Team
(Selle SMP Valcar PMB Cycling Team riding on Selle SMP)

Selle SMP road saddle with carbon trails
(Selle SMP road saddle with carbon trails)

In 2004, accompanied by 4 international patents was introduced the Pro, the first model of the SMP4BIKE line. The SMP4BIKE line was innovative for its "designed on your body" technology, which is designed to support the cyclist's weight distributing it over pelvic bones (ischial tuberosities) and buttocks and preventing the compression of the perianal structure, avoiding vein and capillary vessel occlusion and the chance of nerve injury.

In 2005, Selle SMP efforts in promoting cyclists’ health and well being were recognized by a study published in the prestigious Journal of Sexual Medicine. A year later the SMP4BIKE Tourism line was introduced on the market and The SMP4BIKE line models were awarded the prestigious Eurobike Product Design Award. In 2007 Selle SMP produced the first carbon saddles and in 2013 they designed the innovative Gel Technology for the SMP4BIKE Tourism line and a year later they introduced the special SMP4BIKE Triathlon line, dedicated to triathletes.

Selle Smp Composit saddles
(Selle SMP Composit Saddles)


The Professional line includes both road bicycle saddles and MTB saddles. F30 and F30c are characterized by a wide seat and slight padding, both for men and women. The carbon line includes the saddles Full Carbon, Full Carbon Lite, Carbon, Carbon Lite for all the cyclists who prefer hard seats. The bicycle saddle Chrono, with hard seat, is designed for young cyclists and the saddle Nymber, with light padding, is suited for any kind of cycling. The Dynamic is stiff and extremely comfortable and the Drakon is suited for all cyclists and Pro is still quite popular after all these years. Other models are Composit, Vulkor, Forma, Evolution, Blaster, Glider, Avant, Plus, Lite 209, Lite Junior, Kryt3.

Selle SMP F 30C road and mtb saddle
(Selle SMP F 30C road and mtb saddle)

Selle SMP Carbon Lite saddles
(Selle SMP Carbon Lite saddles)


Selle SMP has conceived a line dedicated only to Triathlon, for triathletes with pelvis of all sizes. The Selle SMP Triathlon include the saddles: T1 which is the largest of all the models, the T2 is slightly more narrow, the T3 saddle is very narrow, the T4 is a medium sized bicycle saddle and as last but not the least the T5 saddle is a way in the middle solution among all the saddles in the line. The triathlon saddles by Selle SMP ensure absolute comfort in aerodynamic position.

Selle SMP Trithlon saddles
(Selle SMP Trithlon saddles)


The Tourism line is dedicated to travellers, for the comfort and well-being of all cyclists. The Selle SMP TRK saddle is fitted for trekking bikes, the saddle Extra is the ideal choice for beginner cyclists, the bike saddle Hybrid is equipped with the resistant and light AISI 304 stainless steel tube frame for a safe use on road and MTB. The bike saddle Well is the safest solution for newcomers to intense cycling, the Martin bicycle saddle is designed for city touring bikes, the E-bike saddle is designed specifically for electric bikes and the bike saddle Extreme is designed with extra padding and is suited for Free ride, Dirt or MTB.

Selle SMP Tourism saddle with gel technology
(Selle SMP Tourism saddle with gel technology)


Drakon-Alloy-Saddle-Selle-SMP Chrono-Alloy-Saddle-Selle-SMP Nymber-Alloy-saddle-Selle-SMP Triathlon-T5-alloy-saddle

Thanks to the SMP4BIKE line, Selle SMP revolutionized the bicycle saddle concept, creating ergonomic saddles without neglecting the health and comfort of cyclists. Discover now all our Selle SMP saddles easily online, you will not be disappointed!