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Selle San Marco road bike saddles with the winning quality

The story of Selle San Marco starts in Italy

Founded in 1935, Selle San Marco can be defined as an icon of Made in Italy design and craftsmanship. The company designs and produces handmade saddles for road bicycles, gravel bikes, MTB, and also city bikes with their vintage looking Bottega line.

Fausto Masnada winning on Selle San Marco
(Fausto Masnada winning on Selle San Marco)

Yoann Offredo riding on Selle San Marco
(Yoann Offredo riding on Selle San Marco)

Selle San Marco has made a name for herself with her racing saddles, with which she has contributed to the victory of 12 Tour De Frances, 11 Giri Di Italia’s, 9 Paris - Roubaix and 11 World Championships. One of her most iconic models, was the Concor, introduced in 1978. Other iconic and more recent models are the weaved Aspide, the flat Mantra, and the shorter Shortfit.

Team Wanty Gobert is sponsored by Selle San Marco
(Team Wanty Gobert is sponsored by Selle San Marco)


Aspide represents the Waved proposal within the road racing saddles, available in open-fit (high pelvic rotation) and full-fit (low-pelvic rotation). It is recommended for riders with both flat back (retroverted pelvis) and accentuated lumbar arch (anteverted pelvis). Aspide Superleggera is the lightest saddle of the Aspide line and probably one of the lightest saddles on the market which weighs only 109 gram. Aspide Carbon FX is carbon fiber reinforced and has Biofoam padding, Aspide Racing is the mid-range model, featuring Stealth Xsilite rails, Aspide Dynamic is the low budget but still-high performing option of the Aspide line, available with wide or narrow seat. The models Aspide Supercomfort Racing and Aspide Supercomfort Dynamic have more padding, suited for cyclists who don’t spend a lot of time on a bike, for the ones who spend a lot of time on a bike and also for gravel bikers.

Aspide open fit saddle Selle San Marco
(Aspide open fit saddle Selle San Marco)


Mantra is the result of an ergonomic study aimed at combining the performance requirements of the most demanding cyclists with the need to provide a flat profile for the saddle itself. The Mantra is available in open-fit and full-fit and is recommended for cyclists with accentuated lumbar arch (anteverted pelvis). Mantra Superleggera is the premium and lightest model of the whole line. Still in the premium range, Mantra Carbon FX has Carbon Waist rails and carbon fiber reinforced shell. The mid-range and entry-level models are respectively Mantra Racing and Mantra Dynamic (wide or narrow). The models Mantra Supercomfort Racing and Mantra Supercomfort Dynamic have more padding.

Selle San Marco Mantra Dynamic open fit saddle
(Selle San Marco Mantra Dynamic open fit saddle ph: Road-cc)

Selle San Marco Mantra full fit carbon Fx saddle
(Selle San Marco Mantra full fit carbon Fx saddle Ph: Road-cc)


Shortfit is the newest ergonomic shape of Selle San Marco. This saddle is open-fit and features reduced length which make it suited also for women cyclists. The Shortfit saddle was created to meet the needs of cyclists who rotate their bust a lot moving to a position close to the handlebars (for example during triathlon and time trial). The premium model is the Shortfit Carbon FX, featuring carbon rails, the mid-range is the Shortfit Racing, with carbon fiber reinforced shell and Stealth Xsilite rails while the entry level model is the Shortfit Dynamic which has manganese rails. The Shortfit Racing and the Shortfit Dynamic are also available with more padding in the models Shortfit Supercomfort Racing and Shortfit Supercomfort Dynamic.

Selle San Marco Shortfit open fit bike saddle
(Selle San Marco Shortfit open fit bike saddle)


Concor is the most iconic saddle from Selle San Marco with a lot of connection to the past. The new Concor reconfirms the traditional ergonomic shape with updated design and materials. Recommended for individuals with averagely high pelvic rotation, it is available as Concor Racing and Concor Dynamic.

Concor Saddle Selle San Mrco Ph Road Cyling Uk
(Concor Saddle Selle San Mrco Ph Road Cyling Uk)


The collection of Selle San Marco doesn’t end here. We didn’t mention the following bicycle saddle lines, however these are not to be overlooked: Gnd, intended mainly for off-road cycling, Dirty, fitted for MTB, the multifunctional Era and Squadra, suited for recreational activity.

Selle San Marco bicycle saddle
(Selle San Marco bicycle saddle)


Aspide-Superleggera-Saddle-Wide-Selle-San-Marco Aspide-Dynamic-Saddle-Selle-San-Marco Mantra-Dynamic-Saddle-Selle-San-Marco-eng Shortfit-Racing-Saddle-Selle-San-Marco

Selle San Marco makes bicycle saddles for every bicycle rider and cycling discipline. We are sure you will find the best bicycle saddle you are looking for!