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Selle Italia best quality bike saddles

The long history of Selle Italia bike saddles

Selle Italia manufactures top quality saddles that combine durability and strength. Selle Italia's range encompasses a broad selection of the best saddles for racing: discover everything you need to know about Selle Italia saddles on this page, we think you'll conquer any challenge with Selle Italia's help!

Selle Italia Saddles Team Edition Katusha
(Team Katusha Alpecin with Selle Italia saddles Team Edition)

Selle Italia was founded in 1897 in northern Italy, more precisely in Corsico, a small village outside Milan. Born out of the need to provide people with everyday saddles for transportation, Selle Italia has quickly become a pioneer in the industry, loved by the biggest champions. Eddy Merckx, Francesco Moser and Miguel Indurain are a few of the greats that made history using Selle Italia best bike saddle selection.

Eddy Merckx with Selle Italia
(Eddy Merckx racing with Selle Italia saddles)

Francesco Moser with Selle Italia saddle
(Francesco Moser raced with Selle Italia saddles)

Miguel Indurain with Selle Italia
(Miguel Indurain racing with Selle Italia)

The Italian company has always been at the forefront of innovation by combining never before seen construction techniques and new materials. In 1980, Selle Italia TURBO was born, the first completely anatomic saddle. Twenty years later the company created SLR, the ultimate lightweight saddles for deliverance and performance, still successful to this very day. Moreover, Selle Italia SuperFlow technology represents an absolute revolution by drastically reducing all physical limitations caused by prolonged pressure in the perineal area.

Selle Italia is at the top of the cycling industry and is without doubts an iconic name when it comes to the best road bike saddle. Chosen by the greatest champions, Selle Italia mixes a long tradition with the newest technologies guaranteeing all riders a powerful and enhanced experience.

Selle Italia Racing Open Saddle
(Selle Italia Racing Serie)

Selle Italia saddles are divided into 5 main categories: High Performance, Racing, Expert, Gran Turismo and Sport.

High Performance

This series combines an efficient design, lightness and high performance levels. Ensuring a superior strength, SLR C59 is Selle Italia lightest saddle ever, ideal for professionals and bike enthusiasts. The SP-01 Tekno Superflow saddle combines comfort, aesthetics and resistance. Flite Tekno is a legendary saddle perfect for both on and off road. The Slr Tekno and Slr Tekno Flow are constructed in light carbon fibre and are the most popular saddles, loved by champions and amateurs.

Selle Italia High Performance Series Speed
(Selle Italia High Performance Series)


This is the series for the rider who lives for the rush of the competition and desire to push his limits. SP-01 Kit Carbonio Superflow features a futuristic design, perfect comfort and superior resistance, all supported by the best carbon properties. Slr Kit Carbonio, Slr Kit Carbonio Flow and Slr Kit Carbonio Superflow are lightweight saddles that ensure superior stifness, constructed in carbon fibre while Slr Titanium and Slr Titanium Superflow combine the strength of titanium for improved strength and comfort. Flite Kit Carbonio and Flite Kit Carbonio Flow share an ultra-lightweight construction and ensure high-performance and amazing comfort. The Selle Italia Novus Boost Kit Carbonio Superflow saddle represents a new category of saddle by combining light carbon and the double-density padding, with the rear inserts in Nubuk. The SP-01 Titanium Superflow features a sleek shape and ensures superior resistance thanks to its carbon construction special support. Finally the Iron Kit Carbonio Flow is the best triathlon saddle due to its iron construction while the Kronos Kit Carbonio Flow offers the best possible balance between comfort and performance.

Selle Italia racing series road bike
(Selle Italia Racing Series)


The Expert series has been designed for those who are looking for better performance and comfort levels. Featuring a futuristic design, the SP-01 Superflow perfectly combines comfort, aesthetics and resistance for superior performance. The Selle Italia SLR Flow, Slr Lady Flow and Slr Superflow ensure the best comfort with the purpose of enhancing your riding experience with an optimal saddle position. The Slr Tm, Slr Tm Flow, and Slr Tm Superflow saddles have been specifically designed for the occasional cyclist in order to guarantee him the most efficient saddle at a competitive price. The Flite, Flite Flow, Flite Tm Flow and Flite Superflow are the timeless icons of the Selle Italia range: since the 90s the name Flite has become the favourite amongst champions for its agile and light design and classic Italian look. The Iron flow saddle is the perfect choice for triathletes thanks to its superior flexibility and comfort. Finally, Selle Italia has created Novus, a rich and detailed range that lets you choose between a Flow and TM Flow version for the best comfort at an affordable price, a Boost Superflow and Tm Supeflow one featuring a double-density padding and a rear inserts in Nubu and finally a Superflow Endurence and Superflow Endurence Tm saddle for superior strength and ergonomics.

SLR superflow flo selle italia flite tm
(Selle Italia Novus edition)

Gran Turismo

The Gran Turismo series is made up of saddles that ensure the best comfort. All this with the sole purpose of guaranteeing you the freedom you need to enjoy your long ride. Due to its Extra Padding technology that reduces weight while ensuring optimal comfort thanks to the special Gel Flow cut-out that reduces road vibrations, the Turbomatic Gel Flow saddle is one of Selle Italia most popular. Lightweight and comfortable the C2 Gel Flow saddles will do the trick against those bumpy roads thanks to its two small shock absorbers. The Max Slr Gel Flow and Max Flite Gel Flow will enhance your performance both on and off road while also featuring a stylish look thanks to the brand-new leather cover. Finally, along with the Man Gel Flow which is a designed saddle for men, Selle Italia has also given life to two saddles specifically designed to meet the needs of female riders, the Diva Gel Flow and slightly smaller the Lady Gel Flow saddle, which result being the women's saddles perfect to ride in complete comfort.

Selle Italia gran turismo series
(Selle Italia Gran Turismo Series)


The Sport series shows Selle Italia ability in pushing the limits: the Donna saddle guarantees an enjoyable riding experience to all female riders, guaranteeing in total comfort thanks to the Extra Padding technology while the Sport Gel Flow will offer the occasional rider an enhanced performance thanks to its sporty design.

Selle Italia - Who are we?


SLR-Flow-TM-L-Saddle-Selle-Italia SLR-Kit-Carbonio-Flow-L-Saddle-Selle-Italia SLR-Flow-Saddle-Selle-Italia

Admired worldwide, Selle Italia offers superlative and reliable saddles. This is all possible thanks to the team efforts in restless research and lab tests. Selle Italia saddles combine ideal comfort and performance to give life to true masterpieces that ensure lightness and a functional design. You will feel Selle Italia's long history running through your veins when riding on a Selle Italia saddle, this is why we think with Selle Italia you will have no problem conquering your most desired goals!