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Deda Elementi

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    Superleggera 31.7 Stuur - Deda Elementi

    Superleggera 31.7 Stuur - Deda Elementi

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    Zero100 Stuurpen – Deda Elementi

    Zero100 Stuurpen – Deda Elementi

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About Deda Elementi Cycling Components

Deda Elementi is an Italian brand that produces premium bicycle components. Deda Elementi's range includes top quality stems, handlebars, aerobars, seatposts and extends to accessories, apparel and much more. Discover everything you need to know about Deda Elementi on this page, we are sure you're going to enjoy an enhanced ride by using Deda Elementi's components!

Based in Campagnola Cremasca, near Cremona, Deda Elementi was founded by two brothers Luca and Stefano and since its foundation in 1998 has broken the boundaries of innovation by launching the first ever handlebar featuring a 31,8mm diameter, a standard in todays handlebars' size. Deda Elementi is also passionate about the smallest of details and in 2001 started producing stems especially aimed at young rider, shorter in comparison to what the market had offered until that moment.

Deda Elementi's range shows the brand's profound interest in serving the needs of different riders in all disciplines: the Velocità handlebar made in CroMo steel has been designed for all sprinters, the Crononero basebars for triathletes while the alloy Pista handlebar is perfect for track cycling and the Streetissimo is ideal for rush hour. At Velo 04 we offer a vast range of series produced by the Italian brand: from Superleggera, Zero100, Superzero and Pista to the newly updated Parabolica extensions now featuring a brand-new riser spacers kit and the Trentacinque series with new graphics.

Not only does Deda Elementi offer you a wide choice for your bike, the Deda team puts every inch of energy in ensuring you that only the best material and processes, such as triple butted aluminum, steel or carbon HR40 are employed in the production of your desired bike components.


The Zero1 series offers the perfect handlebar, stem and seatpost kit, all designed to guarantee great performance and the best quality at an affordable price. The Zero1 stem is one-of-a-kind, functional and stiff product. Light and ideal for racing bike, the Zero1 stem is made of aluminum 6061 just like the Zero1 handlebar which now features a innovative RHM grip and design and a brand-new look. To complete the Zero1 series, Deda Elementi offers an equally efficient seatpost with two handy bolts on the head, the perfect combination with new Zero1 stem and handlebar.


Characterized by a perfect mix between engineering and design, the Zero2 components are ideal for high performance bikes. The Rsx02 seatpost is robust, stiff but light, made in 3D forged alloy 2014. Likewise, the Rhm 02 handlebar is both reliable and strong because it's produced using double butted alloy 6061. Finally, The Zero2 stem is solid and it's the only Deda stem available in extra short size like 50 and 60mm.


The Zero100 series is made up of aluminum bicycle components designed to guarantee you the highest level of performance. Strong, light and affordable the Zero100 stems are the perfect choice for sportive bicycles, ideal for Peloton but also for every-day cycling. The Zero100 seatpost is the most popular of the moment because it combines the highest level of stiffness without compromising the weight. When it comes to handlebars the Zero100 series offers a wide selection to satisfy your needs: from the Shallow and Deep shapes to the Anatomic and RHM ones, all constructed in triple butted alloy 7075.


The Pista series represent the best option for track racing. The Pista handlebar is a must in the Deda catalogue: ultralight and with new graphics, this classic-shaped handlebar features a low drop and a large reach. Made of 3D forged Alloy 2014, the Pista stem is a reliable tool and features a 70° angle, ideal for the track specialists. The Deda offer in terms of racing components doesn't stop here: the Dabar handlebar combines an aerodynamic cow-horn design to a UD carbon fiber construction and represents the perfect solution to complement Triathlon and Time Trial bikes. Last but not least, the Velocità handlebar is ideal for riders looking for a classic look and a traditional shape mixed with the strength of steel.


The Italian word Superleggera means Super light and this is exactly the true value of this Deda Elementi series: the lightest and most functional shapes. Built in Carbon UD the Superleggero seatposts are ultralight, strong, reliable and easy to assemble. The Superleggera handlebar combines a Carbon UD construction with a new resin and as a result weighs just 180gr. Finally the Superleggero stem constructed in Alloy 7050 shaves off every excess of weight and is the lightest stem made of aluminum.


The Crono series is completely made up of Time Trial and Triathlon aero handlebars. Amongst the entire collection, Espresso is a one-of-a-kind TT handlebar designed to allow a complete 3D adjustment system of the armrest. The Fastblack2 Time Trial extensions are made of Carbon UD and are therefore ultralight with a firm and comfortable grip. Professional Triathlon and Time Trial athletes can also choose between the Kronos handlebar which offers a flat design and Kronos 2 which features instead a dropped design, both handlebars equipped with adjustable extensions up to a 370mm length. Then there's the Crononero range that lets you choose between an extra flat handlebar, the Crononero Team, and a 60mm dropped one, the Crononero Low Rider. The Crono series also includes Carbon and Metal Blast aerobars, an Adjustable stem perfect for finding your best riding position and Parabolica extensions, 3 different options to let you decide between a straight, S or J bend.


The Trentacinque series represents the best innovation in terms of top performing components. In particular, the Trentacinque stem features a bigger diameter and therefore defines a new standard in the market by ensuring higher stiffness for both the stem and handlebar and reducing the loss of the rider's energy. Likewise, the Superleggera35 Rhm handlebar by featuring a 35mm diameter, is stiffer than any other bar, also due to the nanotechnology resin construction. Finally, for the M35 handlebar a larger 35mm diameter and the triple butted, cold drawn 7050 light alloy construction guarantees comfort by minimizing counterproductive movements.


The Superzero series perfectly combines stiffness to aero shapes without compromising the final weight. The Superzero stem is an excellent example of this: constructed in Alloy 2014, it guarantees an enhanced aero performance thanks to its top flat section. Newly redesigned, the Superzero seatpost is ultralight thanks to its carbon monocoque construction and features a secure but easy saddle adjustment. The Superzero series is completed by two handlebars made of two different materials: carbon and alloy. The Superzero handlebars are perfect for all disciplines and features a aerodynamic profile that perfectly reduces the drag and ensures a secure grip.


Tiesj Benoot winning Strade Bianche 2018 using Deda Elements components


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Deda prides itself of its wide audience and wants you to be part of it: you can be a full-time professional cyclist or someone who just enjoys rides with your friends and Deda Elementi will guarantee you a product you'll be satisfied with in both cases! Working with professional teams from all over the world to ensure you the highest levels of performance and with over a 20 years of experience there's no doubt about the quality of Deda's components. If you wish to improve your performance and if you are in search of reliable components at affordable prices, we think Deda Elementi is exactly what you are looking for!