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3T Cycling bike parts performance

Italian style 3T Cycling bike part

3T Cycling is an Italian bicycle components manufacturer renowned for the excellence, simplicity and elegance of its products. 3T Cycling's range gathers the best-quality aerobars, handlebars, stems, seatposts, wheels, forks and includes accessories and apparel. Find out all about 3T Cycling on this page, we believe you'll be ready to face any challenge with 3T Cycling bicycle parts!

Professional team BMC sponsored by 3T Cycling
(Professional team BMC sponsored by 3T Cycling products)

Born as Tecno Tubo Torino (Turin Tube Technology), 3T Cycling was founded in 1961 when Mario Dedioniggi, an experienced engineer, started the company in the city of Turin. After less then a decade 3T Cycling became well known around Europe and champions started using 3T's components during races such as the Tour de France, Giro d'Italia, World Championships and the Olympic Games: in 1984 champion Francesco Moser set the world hour record using the first ever horn-shaped bar, precursor of today's triathlon aerobar.

BMC professional team with 3T handlebars
(BMC Professional Team showing off their 3T Cycling time trial handlebars)

Racers looking for ways to enhance their performance found, and still do today, a perfect solution in 3T Cycling. In search for lighter results since its earlier days the team at 3T Cycling had in fact switched from steels, that were commonly used at the time, to aluminum alloys without compromising the strength of the components.

In the 90s in response to the introduction of the thread-less headset, 3T Cycling created the first ever forged stem in place of the welded one. A technology, the ForgeAhead still used to this very day. 3T Cycling is now based in Bergamo and it's unstoppable when its come to finding innovative solutions. Lightweight materials, carbon composites in particular are what 3T Cycling excels at.

3T Cycling components are divided into 3 different grades: PRO, TEAM and LTD. The first one represents perfect balance between price and performance. The second one is designed to achieve lighter weights, usually by using carbon-fiber and is designed for professional and amateur racers. The last one is the luxury edition for ultra light weight, ultimate performance without compromise.


Revo is the never before seen basebar that has been put in front of the grips. Designed to guarantee you more safety by not letting your hands slide forward and ensure you a secure grip on rough surfaces, the Revo aerobar is aerodynamic through a sharper than usual basebar wing angle.


With Vola you are sure to find your perfect position. Vola is completely adjustable and allows you to find your lowest position or if you're looking for more comfort by using the superior extensions. You can also adjust the horizontal grip spacing. Place your elbows in the exact position as you desire thanks to the Vola pads and don't worry about them for the entire race, comfort is guaranteed. The wing design is completely aerodynamic and 3:1 UCI-legal. Designed to win it all!


3T Cycling dropbar range is made up fast, comfortable, light and stiff products that based on their shapes are divided into 3 major groups: Round, Ergo and Aero.


Rotundo is the classic intermediate round drop bend that ensures optimal control. In its team version, the Rotundo is made of all-carbon-fiber and only weighs 200gr. Ergosum features a shallow design and has been designed to fit current brake-shifter levers. In its Ltd version the Ergosum is ultra strong without compromising the entire weight.


Tornova Handlebar - 3T Cycling
(Tornova Handlebar created by 3T Cycling)

Ernova is the ultimate dropbar when it comes to comfort. Egg-shaped on the top to ensure a wider surface for the hands, Ernova features forward extensions guaranteeing you the best protracted time on your bike. In its Ltd version, Ernova is made of HM carbon-fiber and weighs only 180gr Tornova perfectly blends Ernova comfort with the Rotundo classic bend. The new internal cable routing ensures a better alignment and as a consequence a faster gear change and easier bar assembly. In its Ltd version Tornavo is made of HM carbon-fiber.


Aerotundo Handlebar - 3T Cycling
(Aerotundo Handlebar created by 3T Cycling)

Aerotundo and Aeronova are perfect for aero road bikes. Both Designed to ensure the least-possible drag authorized by UCI rules, the first one features a the classic round drop, while Aeronova is a compact road drop. Both dropbars feature internal cable routing for a better look and to minimize the drag. In its Ltd version, Aerotundo is made of high-modulus, unidirectional carbon-fiber.

(3T Cycling Aeronova handlebar)


Superleggera Handlebar - 3T Cycling
(Superleggera Handlebar created by 3T Cycling)

Superleggera means Super-light which is exactly what this fine handlebar is all about, that is to say, the lightest 3T Cycling dropbar. Superleggera represents the traditional round shape and elegant look. Not only this, its structure is stiff and famously comfortable. You will feel the Superleggera in your hands for the entire ride, once you try it, you'll never go back.


Zero 25

Zero 25 is an innovative seatpost: the reversible saddle rail clamps allow a setback ranging from 0mm to 25mm. Easy to adjust when changing the saddle, the Zero25 has never been this light. The Zero 25 is its Pro version features an alloy pillar and features a 27.2mm or 31.6mm diameter.


Ionic is a brand-new seatpost that features the DiffLock seat clamp, ideal for fine adjustment of saddle setback. Ionic is available with two different setbacks: 0mm and 25mm, each in Ltd and Ltd Stealth versions for different finishes: Gloss and Matte. The Ionic 0 places the seat clamp assembly in line with the seatpost for 0mm setback, while the Ionic 25 places the seat clamp assembly 25mm behind the seatpost’s centerline. Made in HM carbon-fiber and featuring stainless steel bolts.


Stylus Seatpost - 3T Cycling
(Stylus Seatpost created by 3T Cycling)

Stylus is a 2-bolt seatpost that ensure improved stability and quick but ultra secure adjustement. Stylus is available with two different setbacks: 0mm and 25mm, each in Ltd and Ltd Stealth versions for different finishes: Gloss and Matte. The Stylus 0 places the seat clamp assembly in line with the seatpost for 0mm setback while the Stylus 25 sets the clamp center 25mm behind the centerline of the seatpost, for athletes who prefer a more backward position on your bicycle.



Apto Stem - 3T Cycling
(Apto Stem created by 3T Cycling)

Apto range perfectly combines an elegant look and efficiency, without compromising the final weight. The space between the inverted bolts increments the attachment to the handlebar. Available in 3 different version: Pro, Team and Team Stealth (with an angle ranging from 6° to 7°) is made in AL 6061for optimal stiffness with Chromoly bolts in the Pro version and Steel bolts (for faceplate) and Ti bolt (for steerer) in the other two.


Arx II Pro Stem - 3T Cycling
(Arx II Pro Stem created by 3T Cycling)

Arx represent the most efficient solution when connecting the fork to the handlebar, perfect for all riding disciplines. CEN certificated, Arx features a clamp especially designed to guarantee a safe fit on composite handlebars and steerers without any complication. Available in Ltd (Carbon-fiber), Ltd Steatlth, Pro (AL 2010), Team (AL 7075) and Team Stealth version. Arx II represents the progress of Arx, renewed with a new design. The front features a oval appearance, with flatter extensions. Bolts are improved with a Torx T25 fitment. Available in the Pro, Team (AL 7075 T6, angle ranging from 6° to 17°) and Stealth version (AL 7075 T6).
Arx is the adjustable stem designed for smaller riders who desire a lower and more aerodynamic position thanks to the 32° angle. The DiffLock technology ensures a secure fitting.


Arx-II-Team-Stealth-Stem-3T-Cycling Superleggera-Team-Stealth-handlebar-3T-Cycling Aeronova-Pro-Handlebar-3T-Cycling Stylus-25-Ltd-Seatpost-3T-Cycling

As the team likes to say, your bike deserved 3T Cycling! This perfectly applies if you are the ambitious rider longing for top performance and for elegant and light components. 3T Cycling superlative products are born out of the research made in the Italian studios where the creative and the production team join forces. 3T Cycling mission is to simplify the time you spend on your bike allowing you to simply enjoy it to the fullest!